Sidney OH Stump Grinding Services 

Tree removal requires far more than just cutting down a tree. There is planning before action is taken. When the tree is cut down, one important part of officially removing the tree is stump grinding. 

Or maybe you previously had a tree taken down but left the stump in the ground. The stump often serves little to no purpose. It can be a hassle to do yard work around and even become an eyesore as well. 

This is where stump grinding comes in. Stump grinding is a safe and efficient way to remove the entire stump of the tree without tearing up the entire surrounding area. If you have a stump that needs to come out, consider calling the experts. 

Stump Grinding Explained

Stump grinding is completed using state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed to grind and remove the stump. This is no ordinary equipment but heavy-duty machinery that requires a trained and able professional to operate. 

A stump grinder looks a lot like a specialty tractor. It has an arm that has an attached wheel at the end. The wheel is made of steel and is designed to cut (or grind) through the tough surface of the stump. The wheel is incredibly sharp. 

The sharp teeth are what gives the wheel the ability to grind down the tree stump in order to remove it without gouging or digging out the stump. 

This doesn’t take excessive manpower or even excessive planning. The machine does the majority of the work. However, a skilled operator is required to ensure the job is done properly. The purpose is to remove the stump in a safe and yet effective manner. 

Stump Removal vs. Stump Grinding

When you think stump removal, you probably think that stump grinding and stump removal fall into the same category. You are technically right. Stump removal includes stump grinding but is a far-reaching category overall. 

Stump grinding is, in fact, a form of stump removal but there are many forms of stump removal. Stump removal can come in several varieties. Here are a few of the most popular tactics. 

  • Stump grinding
  • Hand removal
  • Stump burning
  • Chemical removal

Some of these stump removal tactics take a lot of time and attention to be effective. They are also not wholly effective. Chemical removal and stump burning are never guaranteed to work and they will often leave the stump in place to some degree. 

The most effective form of stump removal is stump grinding. It is safe and efficient and it gets the job done without taking exorbitant amounts of time or labor. It’s known to be effective and also will not tear up a large surrounding area to the stump being removed. 

American Tree & Lawn Stump Grinding Services

At American Tree & Lawn, we believe in providing our customers with the best experience possible. We understand that your yard area is important to you and we strive to offer you the best services possible. 

We offer stump grinding services for stump removal using the newest and best equipment. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and maintained to ensure an effective stump removal. And we get the job done right the first time. 

Our operators are highly-trained and skilled personnel that are quite capable of safely maneuvering the required machinery to grind your stump. 

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