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American Tree & Lawn Services is owned and operated by a certified arborist in Sidney, Ohio. We can handle all of your tree, lawn, and landscaping needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

Tree Services

Emerald Ash Borer

TreeAge has been noted to be the most effective treatment for battling EAB. We inject a product into the base of the ash tree. It is not applied to the soil or sprayed on the tree. The systemic incecticide is then transported through the trunk, into the canopy of the tree.

Tree Injections
Tree injections are a safe approach to applying nutrients or medicine and growth regulators to the tree without harming your lawn. This also protects anything that comes in contact with the tree to effectively fight pests.
Tree Fertilization
For all trees and shrubs. If needed, the best time to fertilize is late April or early May, or late fall once plants are dormant. The recommended fertilizer should be spread evenly across the soil surface.
Stump Grinding
We use state of the art equipment that allows us to grind your stump right – the 1st time.
Cabling & Bracing
We install support systems in the tree to help support weak limbs. We also use branch union attachments to keep them from potentially falling, or damaging the tree.Give your lawn a clean, fresh look. Mulching also is beneficial to your soil and plants.
Risk Assessment

Assessing hazards and potential danger and health issue of a tree and creating a solution to mitigate the risk through tree health care options or recommending removal of tree as a last resort.

Lawn Services

Lawn Care
Let us work with you to prepare a plan for your lawn. This includes nutrients, and coming up with an effective lawn maintenance program for the healthier lawn you’ve always wanted.
Lawn Mowing
Having your lawn properly mowed and maintained will improve the moisture stress tolerance of your lawn and minimize weeds.
Grass Fertilization
Let us analyze your lawn and determine the nutrients that it needs. Customized care will make for a healthier and greener lawn.
Organic Lawn Care
Healthy, chemical-free nutrients are applied to the the soil for a greener more vibrant grass. Everyone reaps the benefits of all-natural treatments.
Grass Seeding
We test the soil and let you know what kind of soil and nutrient amendments you may need to apply. We will offer a customized and specific program for your lawn and your specific needs.

Landscaping Services

Give your lawn a clean, fresh look. Mulching also is beneficial to your soil and plants.


handful of dirt - American Tree and Lawn Service
Soil Analysis
We test your soil to determine contaminated content, available nutrients, and the pH level of your lawn
Pest Management

We rid pests in your lawn safely using non-toxic spray application treatments that are effective. These treatments are not harmful to humans, children, or animals.

Bush Trimming
For best results, we not only trim and prune, but will also identify your bush and it’s unique growing attributes. This allows us to prune appropriately without damaging the plant.
weeding - American Tree and Lawn Service
Yard Waste Removal
By removing yard waste, you will make your yard more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. This also helps remove the potential for diseases and health hazards to your landscape.
Holiday Lights

We will add holiday lighting and decor to the exterior of your home and in your yard.

We will present options not only for the asthetic improvement for your property but to maintain overall health of surrounding plants, shrubbery, and trees
Any tree and shrub can be enhanced in your landscape. This also adds value to your home. Improper pruning practices can greatly reduce, or ruin your landscape potential. Pruning also involves taking dead wood out, thinning if needed, and elevating if necessary. Pruning trains the plant and develops the quality of flowers, fruit, foilage, and stems.
Plant Healthcare

We will identify and list all the plants in your yard, determine key problems, and offer proper solutions and tools to optimize plant health.

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Certified Arborists

No Pressure, No Obligation

AMAZING job! Roger and his team trimmed our large maple tree that had branches hanging over the street and house. The tree looks so much better and we don”t have to worry about the branches falling on our house or someones car. Highly recommend American Tree! Roger is very nice and professional!
Megan C.

I highly recommend American Tree, Roger and his crew came out and removed 2 trees from my property this past weekend! They did an amazing job, quick and efficient. They cleaned the yard, sidewalk and street…to the point that you honestly couldn’t tell that there were even trees there to begin with. They were all very nice.
Tony B.

S. Tyler H.

Absolutely excellent work. Removed two trees, one of which was hollow, without a hitch. Cleaned up and even picked up old tree limbs out of the yard when they finished. Professional, reasonable pricing, and speedy. I highly recommend American Tree and Lawn.