Whether you are cutting down a tree and have a stump after taking the tree apart piece by piece, or if you have a stump that just sits there in the backyard, you might need to figure out what you have to do with it. 

It’s an eyesore that isn’t like a tree, and you need to figure out what to do with it. For example, you can leave it inside your yard, remove the tree stump with the rest of the tree, or simply grind the tree stump up into wood chips. However, we make a claim that you need to remove your tree stump after the tree is cut down for various reasons.

A Stylistic Choice

For one thing, a stump can really become a nuisance and an eyesore for your yard. If you are having trouble with your stump, you will find that it can become a tripping hazard and you might find that you lose a bit of yard space. They can also stop you from mowing the yard as you need to maneuver around the stump and the roots themselves. 

It can also stop you from planting a new tree if you need to, although you might get a new tree from your tree stump sprouting! The stumps tend to decay whenever the tree is gone, and although the process is very slow when it comes to decay, it can cause some problems. Additionally, rotting stumps become nothing more than homes to ants and termites. 

A rotting stump certainly isn’t something that doesn’t look good in your yard, and it can become a breeding ground for other bugs. Plus, they can start to invade your home if the population multiplies too much. So that’s one of the best reasons to make sure that your stump is destroyed.

Making New Trees

Think about the future of your yard. Do you want more trees where the stump wants to be? If you want to plant a few more trees in the yard where the old tree used to be, you won’t be able to do that without removing the stump. The tree stump will get in the way of the new tree if you plant it closer to the stump, and even if you plant the tree far away the roots from the stump can cause some big problems for your new tree.

Should You Remove A Stump Or Grind It?

There are two ways to remove a tree stump, either removing the stump outright or grinding it into pieces. Depending on what you want to do with your landscape, you need to make sure that you pick the correct way to remove the stump.

To remove the stump, you will need to remove the stump by digging it up and also heaving up all of the roots as well. As you might think, that tears apart your yard and takes a lot of time. On the plus side, the stump is gone and you can do the yard work any way you want.

For stump grinding, you can get a machine that will grind the stump into wood chips and then removes the stump. However, this process doesn’t get rid of the roots at all, so you will need to do a traditional removal of the roots. 

Get Your Stump Removed!

If you want to get rid of your tree stump, then get it done. There’s no benefit to having a tree stump in your yard, so call American Tree and Lawn who can either remove or grind the stump away, and then you can get your yard back. Our professionals are ready to get your yard and trees in shape so you can be proud of your property. Call today for a free estimate.