Trees are a precious part of the environment, and we try to preserve them as much as possible,
but there comes a time when the best option is to remove a tree entirely. Here are a few of the
ways that we know that it is time for a dead tree or stump to be removed from a property for

What Season is Best for Tree Removal?

The best time of year for removing dead trees and stumps is in the winter. Because most plants
(other than evergreens) are dormant in the winter, they will be less likely to be damaged by the
removal process.
Winter is also the riskiest time to have dead trees on your property because cold weather
and snow will cause branches or even an entire tree to come down. This is a safety risk and
poses a hazard to the property as well. Cutting down trees and removing stumps in the winter
also means that the soil will be more prepared for new growth come spring and summer.

When a Tree Is Dead

When a tree is dead, it is a lot more likely to fall. This can be a hazard for your home and other
structures on your property, and if it falls, it could damage the trees around it as well as the
landscaping. In the wintertime, trees become more likely to drop limbs or fall over completely.
Ohio weather can produce a lot of snow, which weighs down on the top of the branches,
causing trees to break under the pressure. This is a safety hazard for anyone nearby, and the
falling limbs could destroy cars or house roofs. When you first notice that a tree has died, this is
the time to start looking for removal options before an accident occurs.


When You Need More Nutrients in the Soil

If a tree is dead, this can interrupt the flow of nutrients in the soil to the surrounding plants. The
branches of the tree can block sunlight and rainfall to nearby plants that need it more than the
dead tree. Removing dead trees and stumps will help the other plants grow better.

When You Need More Space

Having a dead tree or stump sitting on the property means that there is less room for planting.
You could grow a new tree, bushes, or flowers, or put lawn decorations in the space where the
dead tree used to be an eyesore.

It takes multiple steps to prepare the soil for planting, which is why the sooner you remove the
dead tree, stump, and roots, the sooner you can use that space for new landscaping prospects.
Dead trees and stumps are visually unappealing in the summertime, so be sure to take care of
them in the winter so that, come spring, the soil is ready for planting.

Contact American Tree & Lawn for Stump Removal Services

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assess the risk of dead trees to determine whether or not they need to be taken down. We are
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