Tree Injections in Sidney OH

Our trees are one of the most valuable assets to the outdoor community. They provide a number of resources to the air, the ground, and other elements as well. They might look daring and protective in our yards or maybe they provide shade from the heat of the afternoon.

Whatever your tree does for you, it’s important to carefully consider the health of your tree. Trees live in a harsh environment. They are victims of the elements of weather, bugs, and people.

When our trees suffer, it’s often noticeable to the naked eye, although not always. So, how can we work to protect our trees and keep them healthy? Maybe you have a tree that you have noticed is struggling and just want to nurse it back to health.

We can help! At American Tree & Lawn Services, we provide tree injection services that are designed to promote the health of your tree and potentially save it from harm. Our staff is practiced in caring for trees and we would covet the opportunity to take a look at your tree.

What are Tree Injections?

It seems a bit scary to use the word injection here. The first thing that comes to mind is probably a sharp needle and a shot. As humans, we immediately think of vaccinations with this term.

A tree injection targets the tree in a very specific way. The injection might be a pesticide or a fertilizer. It could also be something geared towards the overall health of the tree or even just providing the tree with much-needed nutrients. Nutrient injections are some of the most common but there are many options.

Tree injections are one of the most proactive ways to care for your tree and resolve problems. This has become a common treatment for insect control as well as disease and illness control and treatment.

Understanding When to Use Tree Injections

Obviously, it is up to your personal preferences, but there are some things you may want to keep in mind if you are considering tree injections.

First and foremost, it’s not a bad idea to have a professional take a look at your tree and get their opinion or ask if they have any recommendations that may be beneficial to you.

Additionally, there are just some other minor factors to hash through. You will want to take note of the tree’s current health. Tree injection treatments do require a certain semblance of present health in the tree. You will want to be sure that the tree is healthy enough to accept a tree injection.

Next, consider the location of the tree. There are options like spraying and fertilization that you might consider but the location could impact the decision. For example, is the tree located in an area where spray may not be the best treatment?

Consider the environment and the immediate surroundings of the tree. What do the soil and local foliage look like?

Will this be a single treatment or something that will need to be repeated? Will your tree have time to recover in between treatments?

Finally, be aware of the injections and what are in them. It’s ok to ask questions and be familiar with what is being injected into your tree.

American Tree & Lawn Tree Injection Services

At American Tree & Lawn, our customers and their trees are of the utmost importance to us. We want you to have a positive experience and keep coming to us with your needs!

Our tree injection services are offered by experts in the field that have years of experience and will do their best to take the utmost care of your tree!

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