Tree Fertilization Services in Sidney, Ohio

Spraying plant – American Tree and Lawn Trees grow in nature. You can drive by forested areas and see an abundance of trees. Trees can add shade to our lawns and homes and are a beautiful addition to our homes. Many of us have planted our own trees and nurtured them along or perhaps had them planted by professionals.  When trees are grown in an unnatural element, they sometimes need some additional help to flourish. American Tree & Lawn can help fertilize your trees, from planning the timing to giving them the best fertilization treatment for their needs. 

Why Do Trees Need to Be Fertilized?

Trees often appear to grow of their own accord but the truth is that when trees are implanted or on our lawns, they are most likely not in their natural element. Most trees were planted in their location at some point or another.  Those trees are fighting for their lives, competing with the surrounding grass to simply access the water and nutrients that the tree needs. The soil and the tree are most likely lacking nutrients that it truly needs and it is up to us to help that tree.  Fertilization gives our trees a long life but it also keeps them healthy and helps them to grow strong and look their best. 

Signs A Tree Needs Fertilization

Many of us rake our lawns, mostly for the looks but also to protect our grass. What we often forget is that those leaves can recycle nutrients back into the soil to feed the tree. This is yet another reason we should fertilize our trees.  Here are some things you can look for to determine whether you should incorporate some tree fertilization services. 

  • Twigs seem to be growing less than normal (or shorter than normal)
  • You see many dead branches or branch tips
  • The veins of the leaf are darker than leaf margins
  • Leaves appear to be undersized or fewer than usual
  • Leaves that appear off in color, particularly yellow or purple (unless that is the traditional leaf color)

If you are noticing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to reach out to us to assess the fertilization needs of your tree. 

Tree Fertilization Timing

Here are the two best times for fertilizing trees of any kind:

Spring Time

Mid to late spring is the most recommended time for fertilizing trees. We recommend late April or early May specifically for spring fertilization. Fertilizing in the spring will bring lush new growth as well as giving your tree vibrant color and growth throughout harsh summer months and into the fall. This is also the ideal time for providing trees with nutrients that are necessary for keeping them healthy. 

Fall Time

Another optimal fertilization time is late fall. The time range can vary but you will know the time is right when your tree has gone dormant for the season. Fertilizing in the fall helps to rebuild nutrients from the soil that may have been lost throughout the summer. Fertilization at this time can also promote healthy root growth throughout the winter. 

American Lawn & Tree Fertilization

At American Tree and Lawn, we believe in providing our customers with the best experience possible. We understand that your trees are important to your landscape. We offer tree fertilization by a trained staff that will nourish your trees with care. 

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