Trees are nature’s enduring guardians, a testament to resilience and adaptability. Their majesty often leaves us in awe, but it’s crucial to remember that, like all living beings, they have unique needs. 

Unfortunately, misconceptions about tree care are rife, leading many well-intentioned tree lovers down the wrong path. Let’s demystify these myths and lay down the facts.

Debunking Popular Tree Care Beliefs: 


Myth 1: Trees are entirely self-reliant and need no human help. 

Reality: While trees in wild settings have fared well without human intervention for ages, urban and suburban trees face unique challenges. In these altered landscapes, they often benefit from consistent monitoring and care, ensuring their longevity and vitality.

Myth 2: Summer is the forbidden season for pruning. 

Reality: Contrary to popular belief, summer isn’t a universal no-prune season. The key lies in discerning which trees to prune and the correct methods to avert damage.

Myth 3: When it comes to watering trees, more is always better. 

Reality: Trees, like us, can “drown.” Overwatering can pave the way for complications such as root rot. Understanding each tree species’ unique hydration needs is essential to strike a balance, especially in varying weather conditions.

Myth 4: Trimming a tall tree? Simply chop off its top. 

Reality: This practice, known as topping, can spell disaster. Not only does it expose the tree to potential ailments and pests, but it also undermines its structural strength. Trust in professional pruning for a health-centric approach.

Myth 5: A tree with deep roots is impervious to storms. 

Reality: A tree’s storm resilience isn’t solely predicated on root depth. Multiple aspects, including overall wellness, soil consistency, and structural soundness, collectively determine its sturdiness. Even trees with profound roots might topple during intense storms if other factors are amiss.

Myth 6: A wound on a tree? Cover it with tree paint, and you’re good to go. 

Reality: Once deemed essential for wound recovery, Tree paint or wound sealants have been debunked by current studies. Trees have innate mechanisms to close wounds. Some treatments might impede this natural healing.


Knowledge Empowerment: Paving the Path for Informed Tree Care

Recognizing and understanding these myths can drastically transform our approach to tree care. Equipped with accurate knowledge, we’re better positioned to make decisions that bolster the health and longevity of our arboreal friends.


Guiding You Through the Myths: American Tree & Lawn

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