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Proper tree care is so important. A tree that is unhealthy or young may need some extra care while it recuperates or grows, respectively.

Cabling and bracing trees provide additional structural support for a tree that is weak and suffering. These materials are used to support the tree, offering it the strength that it needs. Cabling and bracing could just be the key to saving a tree from having to be removed.

At American Tree & Lawn, we offer cabling and bracing services. Our staff is highly-skilled and trained in this area and we provide the very best service to our clients in the Sidney, Ohio area and several surrounding communities.

Cabling and bracing might be used for the tree as a whole or it may just be used for branches and stems of the tree. This varies by the situation, depending on what we determine is needed when we assess the situation.

What is Cabling and Bracing?

Tree cabling and bracing use flexible steel strands in either cable or brace form. Which is used is determined by the situation. Some situations may call for both cabling and bracing.

The overall intention of cabling and bracing is typically designed to strengthen weak branches and/or weak trees so that they can improve their health and potentially survive the elements.

You might be able to pinpoint a weak area in a tree at a glance but the truth is, weaknesses are not always clearly visible. It’s a good idea to have a professional assess your trees on a regular basis.

The professionals will take a look at the health of the tree as a whole and take it from there. We look for signs of weakness, we examine the state and health of the bark, and we test various points to identify where the tree may need help.

Once a tree has been cabled and braced, it should continue to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. This is again a step that you can entrust to the experts on the job.

Here are some things that cabling and bracing might be used for.

  • A young tree that appears weak
  • An unhealthy tree that can be saved
  • A tree that could be affected by high winds
  • Trees that may be subjected to ice, snow, or heavy foliage growth
  • A tree with stray weakened branches

Keep in mind that cabling and bracing doesn’t just have to be used after the tree is already weakened. It can be used to support your tree before any of these things happen to it as well.

Cabling and bracing are designed to improve and enhance the overall life and longevity of trees and branches alike.

Cables and Braces

Each of these items is designed to provide structural support in some manner.

Cables are made with premium high-strength steel. This steel is then attached by bolts into the tree. The cables provide support to the limb it is used on but also holds it in place.

Braces are designed for more rigid support needs. These are threaded rods that are often installed through branches and limbs at the union spot. The braces provide sturdy support for those limbs that might otherwise break or blow off easily in a storm.

It takes a professional to complete these processes appropriately.

Tree Cabling and Bracing in Sidney OH

At American Tree & Lawn, our staff is skilled and trained to handle your cabling and bracing needs. We offer many varying tree services and we know where to look and what to review to ensure that your tree is properly set up for the long haul.

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