Shoveling snow is something many of us have had to do at one point in our life, whether it was our driveway, sidewalk, or other outdoor space. It is a chore many come to dread after spending hours outside in the cold, shoveling scoop after scoop of snow, and slowly straining your back, arms, and more. Shoveling snow sends up to 11,000 people to the hospital each year with problems like broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, and even heart attacks. 

Do yourself (and your health) a favor this year and hire a snowplow service to take care of your snow removal. Here are a few things to consider when you are searching for a snowplow service.

Get It in Writing

When you hire a snowplow service, always make sure you have a contract or agreement in place that outlines exactly what services they will provide. The contract should include details like when the company will plow your property, what services are included, and any special circumstances that may apply. Making sure these details are documented in a legal contract will protect both you and the snowplow company when it comes time to render services or in the event of any issues. These documents should also include insurance information for the company in the case of damage to your property.

Beyond Plowing

Although plowing will clear a majority of snow from your driveway or other paths, certain areas may need additional services to completely clear off snow and ice. Gravel pathways and uneven pavement often require additional melting aids like salt to melt the areas where a plow may miss.

Many snow plow companies may also offer snow blowing or shoveling for smaller areas like your porch, deck, entryways, or walkways. If you have specific needs for areas to be cleared around your home, such as around landscaping or trash cans, talk to your service provider to make sure they offer this.

Help Us Help You

After plowing snow from your driveway or property, the snow must go somewhere. To prevent your snow plow company from pushing piles of snow in an inconvenient location, let them know ahead of time where you’d like them to put the snow. This can help prevent heavy piles of snow from ending up on delicate landscaping or from blocking walkways. It can also help to mark the edges of your driveway and walkways to help your snow plow service know where your yard starts.

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Know Your Requirements

In many places, clearing the snow from the sidewalk in front of your property is legally required within a certain amount of time, often 24-48 hours. Failure to do so could result in fines. Every city has its own set of regulations so make sure you understand what is required of you to keep your property safe for passersby. Even if you don’t end up selecting a snowplow service, it is important to follow the rules of your area when it comes to clearing snow and ice. Another area people often forget about is the pathway to your mailbox. Be sure this path is cleared so that your mail person can safely deliver your mail, or your home may be skipped.

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