Taking care of your lawn is most important in the fall. Since the weather is cool during the fall and it rains occasionally, it is the best time of year to maintain the lawn before spring. Most of us believe that lawn care in the fall is minor; however, the grass is busy collecting moisture, nutrients, and energy for growth. 

So, make sure to care for your lawn in the fall. You will then have a lush, green, and healthy lawn in the spring. We are here to share some helpful tips with you. They are listed below.

Remove the Leaves

Autumn leaves may look pretty and look appealing, but they ruin the grass. They block light and retain moisture, delivering possibly fatal knockout blows to the unfortunate turf beneath. Therefore, blow or rake the leaves as soon as they begin to fall. Rake up the leaves that have built up in the corners when the trees are dried out.

Keep Cutting the Grass

Keep using your lawnmower before throwing it away. You must cut the grass regularly to maintain an optimal height of 212 to 3 inches until the first hard frost. Leaving it to grow too long will cause it to the mat and make it susceptible to fungi like snow mold.

But don’t cut it too short or you’ll weaken its root system and make it more vulnerable to cold winters. 

Aerate the Soil

Root growth is hampered by compacted soil, which also reduces soil oxygen. Soil aerators are used to relieve compaction by producing openings in the soil. There are many different types of aeration equipment, from spiked boots to mighty machines known as core aerators. 

By removing small particles of grass or plugs, core aerators help to relieve compaction. Degrading plugs leave pores in the ground, allowing air, water, and nutrients to pass through. Aeration should be done during active fall growth.

Watered Properly

Even when the weather is cold, grass requires water to grow. As fall approaches, you can cancel regular watering and use rainwater instead. It is recommended that established lawns receive around one inch of water each week, including rain.

Fertilize the Soil

Plant sugars prevent roots from freezing and provide plant health in the spring. The grass can produce these sugars when it has enough chlorophyll to produce them.

It is recommended that you use a slow-release fertilizer like the 24-0-10 powder in the late fall. Percentages indicate nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium by weight. The amounts of potassium are especially crucial since they support disease resistance, cold tolerance, drought tolerance, and root growth.

Control of Weeds

If you have dandelions or other broadleaf weeds invading your lawn, then it is time to fight them. Like other plants, weeds are undergoing a period of energy absorption in the fall. They consume everything, including herbicides. You can prevent the weeds from returning in the spring by using herbicides now.

Spread the Seed

Cool-season grass seed germinates best in the fall. Thin lawns benefit from overseeding with thick, vigorous spring grass. To ensure that the grass grows before the first frost, you need to overseed at least 45 days before the first frost. The Pennington UltraGreen 22-23-4 Starter Fertilizer is a good starter fertilizer for a fast, healthy start.

Maintain a regular schedule

To achieve optimum results, each of the preceding stages must be completed at the right time. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time. For example, if you overseed too late, the seedlings might not survive. 

Too much fertilizer will cause your grass to grow sharp blades that may be hurt by the cold, and it will be difficult for your grassroots to absorb the nutrients you provide if you fertilize your lawn too late.

Maintaining a healthy lawn next year requires a strict fall lawn care routine. Our lawn aeration services and power seeding can get your grass in the best shape it has ever been when spring returns.

The Takeaway

All of these steps are necessary for the lawn’s preparation for the new growing season, so follow them to help keep it in the best condition. Contact American Tree and Lawn for all of your lawn care needs. The team is professional and cares about every client!