Sidney Storm Restoration

Storm damage can cause disarray to even the most pristine landscaping. Broken branches, uprooted trees, and stray debris are post-storm eyesores. Evaluate your landscape for potential hazards because even weak tree branches can be dangerous in stormy weather.

If you notice the following signs, your trees may be at risk:

  • Partially attached or dead limbs hung up on other branches
  • Wires in contact with branches causing the tree to become energized
  • Split branches or cracked stems
  • Mushrooms growing on the bark of the tree
  • Decayed or hollow areas on the trunk or main limbs
  • Gaping wounds or peeling bark indicating structural weakness
  • Uprooted or fallen trees putting pressure on other trees beneath them

A tree is a living thing, and its stability and integrity can be compromised over the years. Even if a tree has survived several severe storms, it may not survive the next one. It is essential to have regular maintenance to ensure the safety of the trees and your property.

Hire a Professional Storm Restorer in Sidney, Ohio

After storm damage, leaning or falling trees can be hazardous if they have not fallen completely to the ground. Please have a professional handle the removal of the displaced tree. The weight shifting dynamics can be dangerous if you have not been trained on how to handle these situations.

The professionals at American Tree and Lawn are skilled in removing a tree that has fallen during a storm. As a homeowner, you first need to assess the situation and see if the tree is simply lying on the ground. Those who are experienced with a chain saw can take care of, or if the tree presents dangers to the property or people, a trained arborist with liability insurance will need to handle.

Sometimes, a part of the tree is broken off, and although the debris on the ground can be easily cleaned up, broken tree limbs in the tree can be dislodged due to the wind and cause danger to property or people in the immediate area. It is imperative to remove these hazardous branches immediately for your safety and the safety of others.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have a tree or branches damaged by a storm leaning against a building or roof, contact your insurance company right away to find out if the cleanup can be reimbursed and take photos to document the damage. Get the cleanup started right away for your safety and to stop further damage to your house. Make your insurance company aware of how you are proceeding.

After Any Storm

  1. Walk around your property and check your trees carefully.
  2. Check large trees from every angle, paying close attention to major branches from ground to sky.
  3. For cedar and pine trees, look further inside the tree close to the trunk, where breaks are more likely.
  4. Look for disorganized areas of leaves or branches.

If the leaves look upside down or you see a darker patch of leaves, you may discover the entire branch has broken off and is simply hanging on the tree. The most important thing is to identify if there are branches trapped in the tree, so you are aware of safety hazards while waiting for a tree company to arrive. Reroute ground travel to stay away from the threats.

Storm Cleanup and Restoration Services in Sidney OH

Call in the arborists from American Tree and Lawn Services to evaluate storm damage to your trees. They are trained in removing dangerous and unwanted trees after damaging storms. We will listen to your needs and wants, and we will provide our educated recommendations to help with your decisions. Contact us today!