Spring is right around the corner and that means it is time to get your lawn and your trees whipped into shape. It’s time to make sure things are properly cared for and as healthy as they can possibly be. 

Where do you even start? Check out our simple checklist of springtime care for your trees!

Thorough Inspection

The first thing you should do is inspect all of the trees and shrubs on your property. Chances are those trees and shrubs have been through some stuff through the winter. They could be damaged or hanging on by a thread and it’s important to take a look and determine what needs to be addressed. 

You can take a glance at your trees on your own and see if you notice anything specific right off the bat. Perhaps you see water damage or standing water. Maybe you’re noticing hanging limbs or a general look of unhealthy appeal on your trees. 

We recommend you bring in a trained and certified arborist to inspect all of your trees and shrubs and let you know what steps should be taken. 

At American Tree and Lawn, we can inspect your site and consult with you for a plan of action. Whether you need some trimming or tree removal or you simply need to go on the defensive with pest treatments, we’ve got your back! 

Clean Up

One good way to get your trees and shrubs looking great for the spring is to prune them up. No doubt there are broken, unhealthy, and dead limbs. Pruning up your trees should be done very carefully. Sometimes, your tree might require cabling and bracing. 

Hire the experts to safely clean up branches and prune your trees and shrubs to be prepared for the spring. This not only makes them look so much nicer but it also keeps your trees healthy as well. 

In addition to cleaning up with pruning practices, you should also clean up in general. For your lawn, you can treat for weeds and clean weeds and leaves out of your garden and flower beds. Clean up the spaces around the base of your trees and make sure they are healthy and able to get the nutrition that they need. 

New Life

Spring is the perfect time to plant some new trees in the area, especially if you have lost any trees from weather or pestilence. Take the opportunity to plant some new trees. It’s great for the scenery and great for the planet as well. 

There are some basic principles for planting trees on your own, but American Tree and Lawn can also help plant the trees and care for them as they grow. 


One thing that many people take for granted is mulching. Whether you simply don’t have tools for mulching or you don’t understand the benefits, you may want to consider mulching. Mulching helps your trees absorb the natural nutrients better underground. It basically holds the nutrients in place right below the surface. 

Mulching can reduce weeds and can also help to conserve moisture within the soil for your tree. 

Mulching is something you can do on your own with the right equipment. American Tree and Lawn is also happy to help if you need it! 


Finally, your trees need appropriate fertilization. You can use a slow-release fertilizer in early spring to help protect your trees’ health and provide them with the valuable nutrients that they need. Fertilization makes your tree healthier and more robust. 

Preparing for Spring with American Tree & Lawn

If you find yourself needing help preparing your trees for springtime, American Tree & Lawn can help! Our experienced staff includes certified ISA arborists that can help safely and effectively prepare your trees for springtime and keep them in the best health possible! Give us a call for a free estimate today.