Tree Risk Assessment in Sidney, Ohio

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Do you suspect a tree on your property is a hazard? It is certainly possible for trees to be damaged or dead and pose a threat to people and property. But how do you know if that applies to you and your tree? You can contact a certified arborist to provide a risk assessment. Learn more here. 

Damage From Trees 

Damaged and dead trees can fall and cause: 

  • Injury to persons 
  • Damage to homes, cars, and other property 
  • Power outages or fires if they fall on a power line 

How much damage trees can cause varies depending on the size of the tree and what they hit. It can range from a tiny bit of roof damage or a broken bench to the entire home or loss of life. 

How a Certified Arborist Provides Tree Risk Assessments 

An arborist will investigate the tree and the environment around the tree to determine the health of the tree, the environment around the tree, and who or what may be damaged if the tree falls. 

They will look at: 

  • The tree and its size 
  • The tree’s health evidenced by its bark, canopy, and branches 
  • It’s wind exposure 
  • Vines and moss growing on the tree 
  • The topography around the tree 
  • The soil the tree is growing in 
  • The tree’s root structure 
  • Pests in the tree 
  • The amount of the tree that is damaged 

When they finish, they’ll provide you with a report stating the risk the tree poses and your options for addressing that risk. These options may include cutting the tree down, trimming, cabling, or bracing the tree, or caring for the tree. 

When to Get a Tree Risk Assessment 

Most people think to ask for a risk assessment after a tree has been damaged in a thunderstorm or when they see visible signs of disease on the tree. You might purchase a home with a large tree looming over the home and want to determine if it’s a threat in the event of a storm. Some people recommend doing regular tree risk assessments every five years for all of the trees on your property that could harm persons or property because there is always some risk of a tree falling or being uprooted in bad weather. Diseased trees could also potentially drop large limbs randomly. Trees near homes, driveways, power lines, buildings, or where children play can potentially be hazardous. 

Benefits of Trees 

One thing a certified arborist does is consider the benefits of trees. Trees can provide shade, offer habitats to local wildlife, beautify the landscape, and sometimes provide fruit. If the tree has sufficient life to continue to provide significant benefits, efforts will be made to preserve the tree. 

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