Tree Removal in Sidney, Ohio

We provide tree removal services for any dead, dying, or potentially hazardous trees on your residential or commercial property. Removing trees can not only make your yard more attractive but also remove potential dangers from falling branches or entire trees. While we always aim to save trees with our tree treatment and maintenance services, sometimes tree removal is the best option for you and your safety.

American Tree & Lawn Services has experienced tree removal technicians with years of experience removing trees from various locations. Tree removal can get dangerous if not done properly with the correct equipment, especially in tight spaces or with extremely large trees, so we always recommend you work with a professional to have your trees removed. 

ISA Certified Arborists

At American Tree & Lawn Services, we have ISA-certified arborists on our team of professionals to handle your tree removal safely and efficiently. ISA certification requires extensive knowledge and experience that will provide you with the highest level of service along with ongoing education to ensure safety standards are maintained. Working with American Tree & Lawn Services on your tree removal ensures that your tree will be removed using the latest methods and high-quality equipment to keep you and your property safe.

When Should You Have a Tree Removed?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a tree is struggling and needs to be removed. While a tree may look healthy on the outside, there could be pests or diseases on the inside that may create a structural risk for falling. We can provide a full assessment of any trees you are concerned about and get you scheduled for prompt removal if necessary. Below are a few signs you can look for yourself that may mean your tree needs to be removed by a professional.

Leaning Trees

If you notice one of your trees has started leaning significantly to one side, this can be a sign that the internal structure is failing and it is at risk of falling. Call a professional immediately to remove it, so it does not cause damage to your property or harm someone.

Diseased Trees

While some tree diseases can be hard to see as they primarily affect the inside of the tree, there may be noticeable signs on the outside of the tree. Every so often, check your trees for spotted leaves, strange growth patterns, or cracking bark. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact a professional for a full assessment as soon as possible.

Hazardous Trees

Trees planted close to your home, or commercial building can become hazardous as they grow over time. Branches may extend over your roof and be at risk of causing damage if they fall. If you notice trees are beginning to grow near or over your home, call a professional so they can assess the situation and possibly provide tree trimming services to reduce the risk. However, in some situations, a tree has grown too large or too close to a building and needs to be removed. In these cases, working with an ISA-certified arborist is essential to ensure proper protocols are followed and damage to the surrounding area is minimized.

How Can You Prevent Tree Removal?

We strive to do whatever we can to save a tree before deciding it needs to be removed. If you want to keep your trees healthy and prevent removal, regular maintenance, pruning, and fertilizing are recommended. Contact American Tree & Lawn Services today to receive a free estimate and get started with a full tree assessment to determine the best path forward for your trees.