Tree Health Management in Sidney, Ohio

Serving Sidney, Troy, Tipp City, Dayton, and surrounding areas.

Caring for your trees can be complicated. Trees can have a wide range of issues that can affect their health, and they often need the help of a professional for treatment. An experienced arborist can evaluate the problem, treat the tree, and help bring life back to the tree. 

Trees are better off when they are monitored and maintained. A tree left on its own can develop a wide range of issues that can affect its health and later lead to enough damage that it needs to be removed. Our professional arborists are trained to inspect trees and assess their conditions. This routine tree health inspection is crucial to maintaining tree health, managing insects and diseases, and helping trees thrive in any environment. 

Your designated arborist will evaluate the tree and inspect the root cause of the tree’s health decline or stress and then outline a plan to preserve your tree. Working with a local arborist will ensure that you have a personalized plan to best help your tree’s situation. This will take into account: 


  • Regional pests and diseases 
  • Overall condition of your landscape
  • Local weather 


Tree Health Management Services

Aside from inspecting your trees, American Tree and Lawn Services can provide the following services: 


Tree Care

With proactive monitoring, we can detect potential threats to your trees’ health before they become a major issue. With visual inspection and creative technology, our tree doctors can assess the health of your trees, target issues, and develop treatment plans. We provide pruning, bracing, cabling, lightning protection, and other important services. 


Insect & Tree Disease Management 

Our trained professionals know the signs of insect invasions and tree disease. By proactively monitoring your trees’ condition, we can find problems early on and develop a treatment plan that will prevent the insects from causing serious damage to your trees. 


Soil Care

Soil health is key to a healthy tree. Unhealthy soils can cause up to 80% of above-ground plant life problems. By monitoring chemical, biological, and physical soil components, our professionals can catch problems early on and implement strategies to improve and maintain the health of your soil. 


Root Protection 

If trees are planted incorrectly, there can be underlying issues with the roots. This can lead to pest problems, poor growth, health issues, and even death. Arborists can remove the excess soil from around the trunk to fix these issues and ensure that the tree’s roots are properly protected. 


Emerald Ash Borer Treatment 

These insects are known to cause death and damage to ash trees. As one of the leading problematic insects in the state, finding a knowledgeable tree professional is imperative to protecting and treating your trees. With soil and trunk injections, our professionals can treat the issue fast. By stopping the spread and growth of the insects early on, the trees can be saved.

Tree Health Care Management in Sidney, Ohio

Caring for your trees is our top priority. By offering a robust list of tree health services, we aim to provide the best customer service and support to our customers. Call us today for a free assessment or to discuss your concerns.