Landscaping Services in Sidney OH

backyard - American Tree and Lawn ServiceAmerican Tree & Lawn Services is a comprehensive lawn care specialist in Sidney, Ohio. We have the equipment and highly trained workers to take care of a range of landscaping services. From tree removal to cutting the grass, we can do it all. 

Our company is a certified arborist team with experience in tree assessment, removal, and healthcare. We also have a team of talented landscapers that can care for the overall appearance of the landscape. 

American Tree & Lawn Landscaping Services

Plant care 

This includes taking care of plants within a certain area of your property. We can tend to the plants to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients. We also make sure that there are no health issues with the plants and treat them accordingly.

Soil analysis 

In order to enjoy a beautiful landscape, your soil needs to have the proper nutrients, aeration, and moisture. We can assess your soil to learn the properties, what types of plants can grow in the soil, and what nutrients might be missing.


Mulching is an important part of most landscaping projects. Mulch can protect your lawn, cut down on unnecessary weeds and unwanted growth, and provide a beautiful accent to your landscaping. Mulching can be tough labor, and here at American Tree & Lawn, we have the equipment to make this job easier and faster.


A well-manicured lawn requires precise mowing. A lawn that is well-groomed and meticulous is sure to be a highlight in your neighborhood. We have the necessary equipment and man-power for mowing so you don’t have to worry about it.

Holiday lights 

During the holiday season, American Tree & Lawn enjoys helping our clients with their outside decorations. Putting up decorations can be dangerous without proper equipment. We follow your instructions and help make your residence or business beautiful during the holidays.


A part of any landscaping project includes trees, plants, and bushes that need regular trimming and pruning. We know the right times of the year to trim and prune so your plants and trees will not be harmed. 

Waste removal 

There are many reasons that you might end up with a lot of branches, bushes, and other types of yard waste. Sometimes, it’s due to a storm, hurricane, or tornado. Other times, you may decide to dig up some current shrubs. We are happy to get rid of those items for you so you don’t have to worry about bagging them or leaving them out with your garbage in hopes that the garbage truck will accept it.

Pest removal 

No one wants pesky bugs on their plants, trees, or bushes. Unfortunately, these bugs can destroy your plants completely. At American Tree & Lawn, we can use organic pest removals to get rid of the bugs so they won’t hurt your plants or animals that may wander in the yard.

Storm restoration 

There have been some powerful storms in Ohio, and some have caused extensive damage. We are here to help you get things cleaned up, including cutting down trees or bushes that have been destroyed during the storm, cleaning up waste from your lawn, and providing instruction on how to move forward with your landscaping needs. 

Sidney Ohio Landscaping Services

To keep your lawn looking beautiful all year long, leave it up to the experts at American Tree & Lawn Services. We know what it takes to care of the plants on your property and keep them looking healthy and beautiful. Whether you want to add, take away, or improve landscaping, we can effectively manage it all. Contact us today to make an appointment!