Sidney Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching and Mowing

Forestry mulching, or land clearing, is a method of landscape clearing that is Eco-friendly and efficient. The mulching machine we use shreds up vegetation and leaves a “mulch,” which is beneficial to the ecosystem. 

The broken-down vegetation is introduced into the soil, making it fertile and rich. The method of clearing the land is faster and more efficient than clearing these areas by hand. The mulching machine is used to remove large areas of shrubs, brush, and trees in a short amount of time. 

How is Forestry Mulching Used?

Tree Removal – An ax or a chainsaw are not the only tools used to remove trees. The forestry mulcher has sharp teeth used to grind up trees from the top down or after they have fallen.

Property Line and Fence Clearing – The pesky sucker trees that grow around your fence can be cleaned up with the forestry mulcher. You will not have to do stump grinding, haul off debris, or have additional clean up. It is just merely shredding the vegetation, which benefits your soil.

Nature Trails – Recreation centers, bike paths, hunting areas, and local parks can all benefit from forestry mulching. The mulching machine is a more efficient way to create a path and clear a space in one pass.

Invasive Species Removal – Do you have invasive plant species taking over your land? These nuisances are called invasive for a reason. They are quick spreaders, are not easy to get rid of, and are not a natural part of the habitat. You can only remove so many by hand. They need to be removed down to the roots to stop any future spreading. The forestry mulcher chews up the invasive plant and turns them into nutrients for your soil.

Real Estate Clean Up – Do you have a vacant lot you are getting ready to sell? Is it overgrown? Has it been on the market for too long? Time for the mulcher to clear it out, give it curb appeal, and make it sell-able once again. You will be able to show interested buyers what the property could become for them.

Debris Mulching – Hauling away piles of vegetation and debris can be cumbersome and time- consuming. The forestry mulcher can do the work for you, and you will save money on disposal fees. A natural mulch will be created that can be used in other landscape areas. 

Wildfire Prevention – Reducing the amount of dry brush, leafy plants, and other fuel sources with proactive mulching can help prevent forest fires. If left untreated, these sources have a greater chance of catching on fire and spreading quickly.

Right-of-way Clearing – To clear long paths for pipelines, utility lines, and roads, forestry mulching is used. The machine clears trees, stumps, and vegetation quickly and in mass for the projects to move forward. 

Experienced Forestry Landscaping Services in Sidney, OH

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