Tree stumps in your yard can not only be unsightly but also pose a potential hazard for kids and adults alike. They can also start to rot over time, attracting bugs and possibly causing long-term issues for your yard. 

There are multiple ways to remove a stump, whether you call a professional or decide to do it yourself. 

Manual Stump Removal

Manual stump removal is the most physically taxing of the options available. It can also take quite a while to complete the job, sometimes taking up to twelve hours to fully remove a stump. If you want to remove your stump manually, you will need an ax, a bow saw, a digging bar, a mattock, and all of the necessary safety equipment. This method is most effective for small to medium-sized stumps that have some space to maneuver around them.

To begin, use the broad end of your mattock to hack away at the dirt around the stump, and then use your shovel to remove the loose dirt. Once you’ve exposed the roots, use the mattock tool to chop the roots until you find the taproot. The taproot will be a thick root that drives deeply into the soil. Once located, use your ax or bone saw to cut through it. 

Once you’ve cut through the taproot, you can begin to wiggle the digging bar back and forth beneath the stump to remove it from the ground. Depending on the tree this can happen quickly, or it may take several hours to fully loosen.

Chemical Stump Removal

Chemical stump removal can be very effective and quite cheap but takes the longest time to complete, sometimes taking well over a year depending on the size of your stump. To remove your stump using chemicals you’ll need potassium nitrate, a plastic tarp, a drill, a chainsaw, an ax, mulch, and a plastic tarp. Also, be sure you have any safety equipment you may need, especially when working with chemicals.

With chemical stump removal, your goal is to rot a stump from the inside out. Start by using your chainsaw to remove as much visible stump as you can. Then, drill a series of holes in the top of the stump. The holes should be close together and drilled as deep as possible. Next, fill the holes with the potassium nitrate and water the area around the stump. Cover with a tarp held down with mulch to help retain moisture and speed up the process.

Remove the tarp to check on the stump every so often. After a few months to a year, it will rot away, and you should be able to remove any remaining material with an ax.

Using a Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is a good option for larger stumps. You can rent one from most hardware stores for under $200. You will also need a mattock, a shovel, a chainsaw, and a rake.

Clear the area around the stump to ensure no rocks end up in the stump grinder. Use your chainsaw to remove as much of the visible stump as you can. Align the stump grinder above the stump, turn it on, and slowly lower it down onto the stump. As you move the lever from side to side, the grinder will dig into the stump, grinding it into wood chips. Remove at least four inches of the stump into the ground and then cover the area with the woodchips. 

Hire Professional Stump Removers in Sidney, Ohio

All of the methods above can be labor-intensive and difficult to master so don’t hesitate to hire a professional arborist who has experience removing stumps of all types from any kind of location. Our team at American Tree & Lawn Service is available to chat about your stump removal needs and help you determine the best method. Contact us today for more information.