Pruning unwanted tree branches enhances the visual appeal of your property and helps manage the tree’s size, especially in smaller yards. Proper pruning techniques can prevent trees from becoming too large and unmanageable. Many homeowners are unsure how to prune a tree correctly to keep it small.

American Tree & Lawn offers expert advice on pruning trees to reduce their size without harming their health.

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Steps to Prune a Tree to Keep It Small

Proper pruning ensures trees remain healthy while staying within a manageable size. Here are the steps to follow:

Step One: Cut the Growing Tip

Begin by making a significant cut to remove the growing tip of the tree. This process, known as a hard heading cut, is essential to keep the tree at a manageable size. Aim to cut two-thirds of the tree’s top. This action creates a low scaffold and helps the tree become more robust and resilient.

Perform this cut while the tree is dormant, typically in mid to late winter. Pruning during this time prevents hindering growth during the active spring season.

Step Two: Prune to Shape the Lower Branches

When spring arrives and the tree starts budding, shape the tree by pruning to your desired configuration. Remove diseased branches and any limbs that negatively impact its appearance. Allow the tree some time to heal before making further cuts.

Step Three: Summer Pruning to Manage Resources

In late June, prune additional branches to limit the resources stored in the foliage, which hinders root growth. Trees grow rapidly during the summer, so pruning helps the tree focus on recovery rather than new growth. After pruning, aim to have three to four evenly spaced branches around the trunk.

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