Even though it is still fall, it is important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to preparing your trees for the winter weather ahead. If you have trees on your property, there are a few things you can do to help them handle the harsh elements that winter can bring to your area. Check out a few of our top tips for our customers below.

Clear The Area

The first step in winter prep is to clear the area of dead trees or branches. Remove fallen trees or dead branches to allow the tree to focus on new growth and avoid further damage. If you have large or precariously located branches, contact a professional to help you remove them. Another part of your clean-up may involve removing seedlings that have migrated towards other plants or buildings.

Start Pruning

As the final step of your clean-up, regular pruning is essential to growing a strong tree. You should remove any dying or misplaced branches to encourage new growth. Not only will this help your tree continue to grow through the winter, but it will protect your property from risky branches as they get covered in snow and potentially cause damage when they fall.

Wrap Your Trees

When all of the leaves fall off a tree, it loses necessary protection from the elements that they provide. Help mimic the effect of leaves by wrapping your trees in a protective layer to block them from the sun and other potential damage to the bark. Be sure to wrap your tree from top to bottom to help prevent excess water from being trapped against it.

Extra Water

It may seem like your trees are getting plenty of water throughout the winter being covered in snow and ice, but the reality is that these stay frozen for long periods of time and can cause winter droughts. Provide your trees with extra water throughout the fall months and then use mulch to help keep the water in the soil for longer periods.

Add Mulch

Adding mulch around the base of your tree is a great way to insulate the soil and protect the roots. It can help retain moisture and shelter roots from extreme fluctuations in temperature throughout the winter months. Be sure to leave at least 6 inches of space between the tree trunk and your mulch to avoid fungus growth.

Slow-Release Fertilizer

During the winter months, your soil will likely lose some of the nutrients that are vital to helping your tree thrive and continue growing. During the fall, treat the soil around your trees with a slow-release fertilizer. This will help them maintain growth throughout the winter as well as fight off disease and damage from insects.

Plant Now For Spring

While it might seem counterintuitive, now is a great time to plant new trees on your property. The cool temperatures of fall and early winter can help stimulate root growth in your new trees. You may not see a ton of topside growth over the next few months, but below the soil, it is growing strong roots which will enable quick and healthy growth come spring. Note: this only applies to plant baled or burlap trees. If you are trying to plant bare-root trees, wait until later in the season when they are fully dormant.

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