You have properly planted your trees, but the work is not quite done yet. Your newly planted trees are going to need a bit more care and attention. Your tree will take a few years before it is firmly established, which can be achieved when the root system gets nice and big. Some of the things that you can do once the tree is planted to make sure it is in good shape and will grow the way that you want to include:


Watering the tree will be very important for those first few years. This will give them the strength they need to keep on growing. Some of the things you should remember include:

  • Keep it moist, but not soaked. Too much water can be bad too. 
  • Apply water to the planting area. It does no good to splash on the trunk or the leaves. 
  • Water every 2 to 3 days. Each plant will need between 10 to 15 gallons of water each week. This may seem like a lot, but it helps the tree grow quickly. 
  • Add more water to this during the summer when it is hot. Use less in the winter. 
  • Feel the soil to see whether the plant needs more water. Remove a little dirt and feel if the soil is moist. If it is, then do not add more water. 
  • Look at the leaves. If the leaves are dry, then it is time to water the tree. 


Now that we have the water part taken care of, the next thing we should focus on here is mulching. There are many benefits to mulching including keeping the soil cool, retaining moisture around the plant, and providing nutrients to the tree. This is also a good way to keep the roots of the tree protected. Some things to consider when mulching around your new tree include:

  • Make sure the mulch is about 4 inches from the base of the trunk. 
  • Extend out the mulch. It should be at least to the edge of the canopy if not further. 
  • Make it a thick layer of at least two inches. 
  • When the mulch looks dry and matted, break it all up so it still works. 

Using Fertilizers

While it may be tempting to use these right away, it is best to wait a minimum of a year before you apply fertilizer. If you do want to use this later, then be careful. There are many fertilizers out there that will end up harming the health of your tree. Talk with a specialist who will give you some good recommendations on what works in your area. 

Should I Prune the Tree?

During the first year of the tree growing, do not heavily prune the tree. The tree is already dealing with the stress of being transplanted in your yard, so just let it be for that year. You can remove the broken or dead branches, but limit how much you prune in those cases

Other Things to Consider

Sometimes your tree will need a stake to provide support. You will need to remove this sometime between one to two years after planting. Proper planting of the tree is one of the most important things that you can do for your tree. Being proactive and monitoring the tree for changes can help it to have a good chance at thriving and doing well. If you go through some of the recommendations above, you will be able to create a healthy and happy tree that will grow big and strong and last you a long time. 

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