5 things to Consider Before Planting New Trees

Planting a new tree on your property takes time and planning. The dormant season is often one of the best times to do this, though you can make other seasons work as well. Before you pick up a shovel or haul out the compost, select a good tree and the right location so the tree will continue to grow strong. 

As you go about picking out a good location for your new tree, there are a few things to consider. This will include how much space is available, the quality of the sunlight in that location, and how good the soil is. The things you should consider before planting a new tree include:

The Amount of Sun

Your tree is going to need a good deal of sunlight to grow. Some varieties will need more sunshine. Consider the location where you would like to plant the tree at different times during the day to see how much sun and shade it gets and then determine if it is the right place for your tree. 

Available Space

You need to have enough space for the tree to grow. If there is a roof overhanging that area or some power lines, they may obstruct how well the tree can grow. Even though the tree is small now, you need to think about how big it will be in the future, or you could run into a lot of problems later. Consider how large the tree will get in the future and then plant in a location that it can enjoy lots of growth. 

Amount of Soil and Space

You need to have plenty of space for the roots to take hold when you plant the tree. A good rule to follow is a minimum of 250 cubic feet of soil if you have a small tree, 500-1000 cubic feet for a tree that is medium, and 1,000 to 2000 cubic feet of soil and space for a large tree. Measure the space outgoing from the trunk rather than how deep it is into the soil. 

Condition of the Soil

While having enough space to grow the tree is important, you should also consider whether the soil is in good condition or not. Look to see if the ground is soggy or dry. Some types of trees will prefer conditions that are arid while others grow better in moist conditions. Examine the properties of the soil as well. It is likely that you will want to treat the soil to make sure it is rich in nutrients. 

Purpose of the New Tree

If you have a specific reason that you are planting the tree, you need to pick a tree that helps you achieve that kind of goal. For example, you can use an evergreen tree to provide a good privacy screen compared to deciduous trees that look nice but will lose their leaves during the fall. 

When you plant a new tree, there are a number of things that need to come into consideration to help you get it done well and to make sure the tree will grow healthy and strong. Look at all the factors above and you can get a new tree planted and growing in no time. 

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