Whether you’re the type to go all out or keep things minimal, planning your outdoor holiday decorations can help create a magical wonderland that highlights the natural elegance of your home and yard. You can integrate all sorts of existing elements into your décor, including trees, shrubs, and planters. Check out some of our favorite tips for creating a gorgeous outdoor holiday scene for your home this winter.

Trim Your Trees

It doesn’t matter if you have evergreens or deciduous trees, all types of trees make great displays for holiday lights. Create a traditional Christmas tree look or wrap bare branches for a minimal aesthetic. 

Create A Front Door Scene

If you don’t have a large yard, your front door can be the perfect stage for creating a magical holiday scene. Play with symmetry, colors, and various heights to create an eye-catching display. Add a wreath (or two!), decorated trees in pots, or themed signs to drum up some holiday spirit as guests enter your home.

Outdoor Christmas Tree

While we traditionally keep Christmas trees inside the house during the holidays, why not have an outdoor tree as well? If you have an existing evergreen tree in your yard, add some lights and ornaments to bring some of that cozy warmth outdoors.

Themed Window Boxes

Many homes already have window boxes with annual flowers that brighten up both indoors and out during the summer. During the winter, you can decorate these window boxes with a holiday theme. Try adding garland, ribbons, berries, floral arrangements, and ornaments to create a stunning display.

Garland Everywhere

Garland is an incredibly simple and affordable option that can have a large impact on your outdoor space. You can add garland to almost anywhere to add a bit of holiday spirit, both inside and outside your home. Some of our favorite places to add a touch of garland include around doorways, along porch or deck railings, and wrapped around a lamp or mailbox post.

Incorporate Edible Décor

Edible décor is perfect for the holiday season as it imparts a sense of hominess and family. There are tons of DIY decorations that can be made with foods that you likely already have in your pantry. Start with something easy like popcorn garland and work your way up to creating fruit fans out of apples or pineapples to decorate your entryway.

Unique Wreath Locations

You probably already have a holiday wreath on your door, but have you considered adding wreaths to other locations around your home? Try hanging a wreath on a fence, in a window, or even inside your entryway or over your fireplace.

Include Shrubs & Ground Covering

Trees are not the only plants that deserve holiday lighting. If you have shrubs or ground cover, these can make a great canvas for a light display in your yard. Integrate your holiday lights into your bushes and other plants and admire the subtle glow as they get covered with snow.

Add Natural Elements

Our favorite decorations are natural elements that add to the existing elegance of your yard. Rather than adding plastic or fake décor, find live holly, evergreen boughs, berries, mistletoe, or other plants to integrate into your decorations for an organic look.

Keep Your Palette Simple

Avoid overwhelming decorations by sticking to a simple color palette. This could be red and green, blue and white, or you may consider sticking to all-white decorations with only natural green and brown elements. The key is to keep it simple, so your eye is not distracted by contrasting elements.

Call Your Holiday Decorators at American Tree & Lawn in Sidney OH

Here at American Tree & Lawn, we can put up your outside holiday decorations to your specifications. We can add lights to trees, decorate sidewalks, walkways, and driveways, and put up your favorite lawn ornaments. Give us a call today so we can get you on the schedule to get your lawn looking festive!