Sidney Ohio Lawn & Tree Organic Pest Services

As people become more aware of the need to protect the environment and our living and working spaces from harmful chemicals their desire to choose organic options whenever possible grows. Pest control is no exception. You can protect your home or business from pests without harming the environment or using something that is less than safe. American Tree and Lawn offers effective organic pest management for homes and businesses. 

Why Organic Pest Control is Important 

If you’re new to the organic concept, you might appreciate some information on why organic pest control is important. 

The EPA states that Americans use almost 45 million pounds of pesticides in their lawns, gardens, and homes each year. 

The CDC has found 40 pesticides in the bodies of 90% of the US population. Some chemicals in common pesticides can cause cancer, reproductive harm, congenital disabilities, and neurological harm.  

Children have been found to be significantly more likely to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma when raised in a home where chemical pesticides are regularly used. 

Common pesticides can also kill or harm beneficial insects and animals such as bees, frogs, birds, and fish. 

Can I DIY Pest Control? 

Possibly. But most homeowners spend a lot of time, headache, and money trying to do it and still have pest problems. It’s easier, and possibly less expensive, to call a professional who knows the most effective methods. 

The Power of Cleaning and Sealing 

While you probably need a professional to rid yourself of infestations, you can make infestations less likely by: 

  • Sealing the home 
  • Keeping outdoor debris and mulch from the edge of the home 
  • Removing clutter inside that pests like to live in 
  • Cleaning more regularly 
  • Fixing leaks and reducing moisture in the home 
  • Keeping pet food containers well-sealed 
  • Avoiding storing recyclables or plastic bags in cabinets 

    These measures make your home uninviting to pests so they’re less likely to take up residence. 

    Questions About Organic Pest Services in Sidney, Ohio?

    If you’re choosing organic pest control, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have to ensure that what the professional is using in your home or garden is safe. You have the right to know the names of any products used and to see a “Materials Safety Data Sheet.” Tell them any concerns you have so they can alleviate them for you. 

    Call American Tree and Lawn Today! 

    You can rid your home, garden, or business of pests today without harming the environment. We offer professional organic pest management to everyone in the Sidney OH and Dayton metro area. Call us today to find out more or get a team member to your location as soon as possible and send those pests packing.