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Taking exceptional care of our lawns is an important part of owning a home. Face it; your lawn makes an impact on your neighborhood and everyone that drives past it. Style and grass height may not be at the top of your list, but you certainly want your lawn to be well cared for. Now, more than ever, we continue to seek solutions that will be environmentally-friendly. We want to protect our lawn and the world around it, which sometimes means looking for options that will be less harmful to us and our property overall.

Organic lawn care has become a popular alternative to the traditional synthetic fertilizing and weed control programs we have used in the past. Why? Because we know what goes into the product and just how it can potentially impact the world around us. These services are done with natural solutions that keep care at the forefront of the process.

What is Organic Lawn Care?

You know all about fertilizers, pesticides, and other forms of chemicals used in yards across the United States. While these products can be useful, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best option. This is where organic lawn care comes in. Not only are organic products better for the air around us, but they actually intensely revitalize your lawn’s own ecosystem underneath the soil and beyond where we might not consider the damage those other chemicals could be causing.

If you’ve been using chemical lawn care, this transition may need to be a process. You can’t always make the switch right away to organic lawn care as the lawn and the things you are caring for will have to adjust to the new products. Trust the experts at American Tree & Lawn Services as you weigh the options and determine whether you want to make the switch to organic lawn care.

Why Use Organic Lawn Care?

There are pros and cons to the use of organic lawn care, just as there are pros and cons to any other service you might consider. Let’s start with the most prominent aspect – the chemicals. This is perhaps what we think about first when we consider switching to organic lawn care.
Maybe you’ve already changed, but you’re not sure if you want to maintain the practice. Traditional lawn care typically is loaded with chemicals. Even though these chemicals are regulated and effective, you are exposing yourself, your lawn, and surrounding areas to those chemicals. Your pets might be ingesting them when they walk in the yard, and there could be inherent consequences or rules to protect yourself and your animals. When using organic lawn products, there are no requirements to avoid your lawn for hours or even days after being treated. It is safe to access right away.

Organic lawn care items can be placed exactly where they are needed. You are not likely to over- care for your lawn or over-apply a fertilizer or treatment. This type of organic care is meant for the long-term. Organic treatment cares for your property from the underneath, providing nutrients to the soil beneath the surface. Organic lawn care is safe and effective, but it also may take some patience and understanding through the process.

American Tree & Lawn Organic Lawn Care Services

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