Holiday Light Installation in Dayton, Ohio

Christmas Lights Installation

Christmas seems to come a little faster for those who choose to install Christmas lights to decorate their homes for the holidays. While the results of your efforts are well worth the time, it isn’t always easy to install the lighting yourself. That’s why American Tree & Lawn provides holiday light installation services. We can turn your home into a Christmas wonderland that makes your home the envy of all of your neighbors. From covering your house to the trees on your lawn, you can come home to a magical, well-lighted house without the pain of installing the lights yourself.

We provide everything from Christmas lighting to decorative accessories, and we can even provide needed extension cords to use outdoors throughout the holiday season.

Holiday Light Installation Process

Request a free consultation today. A professional holiday light installer will come to your home and evaluate the scope of your project as well as consider design ideas. With your help, we’ll come up with the perfect layout for your holiday lighting. If you have purchased lights, we will get started on the project. If you are just getting started, we will purchase the holiday lighting equipment and any accessories that you need for your home. After that, we will schedule a date to install it. 

Christmas Holiday Light Services 

  • Annual Christmas lighting installations for any season 
  • We provide all lights and accessories
  • After the season, we’ll remove your holiday lights
  • We’ll store your holiday lights for next year

Holiday Lighting Design 

Our expert designers draw inspiration from the magic of the holiday and bring that to you to help come up with the perfect design. We can do more than just stringing a row of lights on your roof. Instead, you can have a vibrant, professionally designed and installed lighting display for all your neighbors to see. 

Holiday Light Installation 

Our holiday lighting installers are trained professionals who are capable of artfully installing your Christmas lights safely. There are many risks for the average homeowner who chooses to decorate his or her house with holiday lighting. Between weather issues from snow to very cold weather, to the danger of climbing on ladders and roofs, decorating your house can be hazardous for you and your loved ones. On top of that, it’s time-consuming. 

We specialize in safely and efficiently decorating your house with Christmas lights so you don’t have to worry about it. We will take the time to learn exactly what you are looking for before we start the project. Then, we will obtain all of the lighting and necessary equipment to make your home ready for the holidays.

Timely Removal 

Once the holidays are over, we can remove your lights quickly and efficiently. Don’t worry about the danger or stress of removing your lights or keeping them up too long into the winter season. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you to remove all of the lighting safely. Then, we will help you store the lighting and equipment, so all you need to do is give us a call next year to schedule your next installation. 

Dayton Holiday Light Installation

With our holiday lighting installation services, you can be sure that you get the best holiday light design that fits your needs and makes your home look festive and fun. If you’re interested in holiday lighting installation, give us a call today. We will set up a consultation to talk to you, evaluate your home, and provide you with expert ideas from our designers. Your holiday lighting installation is easier when you work with American Tree & Lawn in Dayton, Sidney, Troy, and surrounding areas.