Sidney OH Lawn Services

We here at American Tree & Lawn provide the best lawn services in the Ohio area and are dedicated to promoting your lawn’s longevity and health. Caring for a lawn can be a complex and intimidating practice so we offer the full spectrum of lawn services to help homeowners out.

 Lawn care. Lawns are a point of pride for many homeowners, but making sure that your lawn is healthy and green is an entire endeavor in itself. We here at American Tree & Lawn can work with you to keep your grass green and healthy for the foreseeable future. From maintaining lawn shapes to removing weeds, we can do it all in a professional, cost-efficient, and friendly manner. Our lawn care professionals can also inspect and help you put together a custom lawn plan for your yard.

 Grass seeding. Finding the right combination of seeds for your yard can be a complex task. Depending on your geographical location and climate, the kind of seed that you should get varies heavily. Whether you need warm-season grass or cool-season grass, or something that can handle both the warm and cold season, we can help with the seeding process from start to finish. We can renovate existing laws that need reseeding and we can also engage in spot seeding if you are having trouble areas.

 Sod installation. Sod installation is a popular and cost-effective alternative to seeding or grass plugs. The benefit of sod is that it can be cut and shaped to the profile of your yard. Sod is also very durable and can last a long time. Our professional team is skilled in all types of sod installation and can help with picking the right kind of sod, lawn prep, sod installation, and sod maintenance. We also make sure you have everything you need to take care of your new sod lawn.

 Grass fertilization. Many people struggle with fertilizing their grass because they do not understand things like nutrient content, how pH levels determine fecundity, or how the season can affect solid and dirt composition. At American Tree & Lawn, we are trained for professional lawn fertilization so you do not have to do it yourself. We can gauge the temperature and pH quality of your soil to get the right fertilizer match, every time.

 Lawn mowing. A lot of people do not realize that lawn mowing not only improves the aesthetic appearance of your yard but is also an integral part of its health. Mowing your lawn improves curb appeal and also ensures that your lawn will remain lush and green. While you can take the time to mow your lawn on your own, we here at American Tree & Lawn can do the job for you and handle all the dirty work. We can ensure that your lawn will look great and will be something that will impress your neighbors.

 Organic lawn care. Organic lawn care has become a popular alternative to traditional methods of lawn care. Organic lawn care ditches the synthetic fertilizers and nutrients for organically grown, natural products. Synthetic fertilizer uses all kinds of chemicals which, while they can help you improve your lawn appearance, can unnecessarily damage other parts of the surrounding ecosystem such as animal and plant life. Organic products are also better for human health in the long run. Our professional team of lawn care experts are trained in the science of organic lawn care and can help you consider your options when looking for organic lawn care. Our employees have multiple years of collective experience with professional lawn care and maintenance.

The team at American Tree and Lawn Services takes pride in their work and provides quality service. We are certified and licensed arborists that serve Sidney and the Greater Dayton area. Call today or complete our online contact form and receive a free estimate for your lawn service needs.