Trees are amazing things that can not only add beauty to your yard but calmness and serenity to your life too. Trees in your yard are one of the best things you can have on your property. There is nothing like owning some incredible trees, no matter the season or the yard. 

But what happens when your tree isn’t looking good? What happens if it is incredibly unwell, even nearing death? Naturally, that causes concern and is something you should take care of as soon as possible. However, how do you know if your tree is actually dying or just looking a little unwell? Sometimes trees look less-than-stellar even though they are doing just fine. And sometimes trees look great even though they’re dying. 

You must find out what to look for when examining your tree and know how to determine if your tree is sick and dying. The better you can notice these changes and features, the sooner you can get it fixed and keep your trees feeling and looking healthy and bright.

Trees are part of your home and, in some ways, part of your family. That’s why you must know how to determine if they are dying so you can get them healed immediately.

Symptoms of a Dying Tree


Before you do anything, remember not to panic if you have a tree that isn’t looking well. There is a difference between a dying tree and a sick tree. If your tree is sick, you can still take care of it and nurse it back to health. However, if your tree is dead, you need to make plans to get rid of it because it could seriously damage your property and home. 

How can you tell if your tree is dead? Here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Numerous mushrooms are near the roots of the tree
  • There are cracks in the trunk of the tree
  • You see that your bark is peeling
  • Multiple branches do not have any living bugs on them

These are telltale signs that your tree is dead. You should be checking for them often, especially after a rough season such as a harsh Winter.

How to Save a Sick Tree


If your tree is sick but still living, there are ways that you can save it before things are too late. However, while you can do some of these things on your own, the best action you can take when you have a sick tree is to call a professional tree maintenance company or arborist. 

How do you determine if your tree is sick? The methods are simple. Simply try scratching a few of the twigs on the tree. If the branch is still moist and lush and green underneath, then your tree is alive. However, it could be sick and nearing death.

Aside from scratching a branch or twig, you should examine the tree’s trunk and search for splits, cracks, and peeling bark. You should also look for signs of fungus and look for missing leaves and branches. 

If you have done this at-home, in-person test and you think that your tree is beyond saving, it is pivotal that you contact a tree maintenance company to handle the situation. You can’t have a dead tree on your property. Not only does it attract pests, but it also can fall and do damage and ruin your yard or home. Therefore, the sooner you can get rid of a dead tree, the better. It’s not only better for your yard, but it’s also better for your home too. 

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