Is February Too Early to Prepare My Lawn for Spring?

While February may still feel like winter to us, the plants in your lawn are eagerly awaiting and preparing for spring. Even if temperatures are cold or the weather is unpredictable, there are still things you can do to prepare your lawn for spring during February. 

Prune and Protect

Your trees and shrubs need a bit of love after a few months of winter raining down upon them. February is a great time to spend some time pruning and protecting the trees, shrubs, and bushes that live in your yard. Start by pruning any winter damage like broken branches. If you have rose bushes in your yard, prune them when the buds start to swell before blooming.

Additionally, make sure your bushes and trees are protected from late-season freezes. Many plants are preparing for spring growth during February, and an unexpected freeze can be highly detrimental. Wrap them with burlap or other protective material to prevent extreme changes in temperature.

Address Your Lawn

Many homeowners ignore their lawn during the winter months, but even if it is covered in snow, your lawn is still actively living and growing across your yard. In February, a bit of attention can ensure that it stays green and weed-free come spring. If your lawn is still frozen, make sure to avoid stepping on it, so you don’t damage the grass.

In order to prep for the upcoming months, apply a post-emergence herbicide to any emerging weeds to prevent them from continuing to grow. When soil temperatures get above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, you can also add a pre-emergence herbicide to help control the growth of crabgrass.

Clean and Maintain

General clean-up and maintenance are essential for any yard as spring approaches. You can get started with many of your maintenance tasks as soon as the ground begins to thaw in your area. 

Start by tilling your garden and turning your compost pile. Perform an inventory of all of your garden and power tools, and make sure they are in good condition. If necessary, sharpen your tools and lawnmower blades. Test each of your power tools to make sure they are still working properly after taking the winter off. 

You can also start doing some planning for spring while you wait for it to arrive. Set up a gardening calendar that outlines your planting and germination timelines for each of your plants. Many seeds can also be started indoors in flats in bright, indirect light before they are transferred to your outdoor garden.

Check Your Container Plants and Annuals

In addition to your trees and shrubs, any container plants and annuals that live outside also need some attention during the month of February. Similar to your trees and shrubs, it is essential to keep container plants protected from late-season freezes as they start their spring growth. Make sure they are protected from the cold but also receive regular watering.

February is an ideal time for many annuals to bloom, so consider applying a winter-blooming fertilizer to provide them with extra nutrients and support. If you are planning to plant poppies this spring, this is the perfect time to sprinkle them over the last snow of the season to encourage growth.

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