Planting a tree can add value to your home. It looks nice, it will provide you with some shade, and there are many different options that you can choose from. When you are ready to plant a tree around your home, consider the following steps. 

Prepare the Planting Hole

The proper way to create the right hole for your tree is to make it three times wider than the current root mass, but never deeper than how the plant was growing in the environment before. You also do not want to place the tree so deep in the planting hole that the flare is covered up with soil. This will help it to grow well. 

Plant High

The root ball should be higher than the level of the soil. Consider tapering the soil to help cover all the roots, adding a big layer of mulch over that. Soil that is newly disturbed will settle and trees planted at a grade will start to settle below the grade, which can cause root rot. Planting in this way can help prevent that. 

Inspect the Roots

Once you get the plant out of the container, you need to look at the roots. If they are bound together densely in a circular pattern or are growing in the same shape as the container, then you need to break up the roots a bit. Do not place the tree in the hole without loosening them. Losing the soil as you break up the roots will not harm them and can help the tree grow better than before. 

Don’t Amend Your Soil

You should not amend the hole with any additional organic material. Roots that grow in this kind of soil are not going to venture into the harder, native soil. This will cause the root system to be smaller and can reduce growth in the tree. The best way to handle this is to break up the clamps in the soil that is there and use that. 

Eliminate the Air Pockets

This does not have to be complicated. You could lightly tamp or hand-pack the soil around the plants to help or you can use a stiff spray of water in the hole after you backfill it halfway. This will provide some additional moisture that the tree needs and prevents the air pockets that could cause the roots to die out. 

Add Mulch

You should add in some mulch about two inches from the trunk of the tree. Pick the mulch that works best for you. Things like shredded leaves are great for this. Mulch is a good way to retain much of the moisture that the tree needs and will keep the roots under a cooler surface so they do not get too hot in the process. 

Water Properly as the Tree Becomes Established

One of the most important jobs that you will need to do after you plant the tree is to make sure that it is watered well. You need to do this until the tree is established, which can take a few weeks or longer. You should water the trees each day for the first week or so. Then for the next few weeks, you can ease off and water every other day. From there you can slowly pull back on the watering as the tree gets established. 

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