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Grass always seems like something that is fairly self-sufficient. In fact, sometimes it seems like it is too self-sufficient when you’re stuck mowing your grassy lawn over and over again. But consider a world without grass? How drab would it be to just see brown dirt everywhere?

Taking care of your grass is important for a number of reasons. Beyond that, sometimes there is the need to plant grass to stimulate an area. Fertilizing your grass could potentially revive your grass and make your lawn look much nicer.

At American Tree & Lawn, we can assess your lawn and help to fertilize your grass appropriately.

Common Grass Fertilization Mishaps

It’s important to understand proper grass fertilization or to bring in someone who does. We wanted to share with you the top grass fertilizer mishaps. These happen far more then you might think.

  1. Not testing or understanding your soil
  2. Excessive fertilizer usage (too much is a bad thing!)
  3. Fertilization timeliness
  4. Misuse of fertilizer

You would be amazed how many people try to fertilize their lawns on their own without truly understanding how to do it properly. At American Tree & Lawn, we are trained for proper grass fertilization.

Why Fertilize Your Grass?

Fertilizer is an important part of upkeep for your lawn. Fertilization can keep your lawn looking green and healthy rather than drab and brown through the summer months.

Fertilizer is one of the most important things you can do to keep your lawn green and healthy.

Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of grass fertilization and therefore just ignore that part of lawn care. Others don’t do the research and they fertilize at the wrong time or they use too much fertilizer.

The thing that you should be most aware of when it comes to grass fertilization is that if it isn’t done properly, it can actually do more harm for your lawn than it does good.

Get the Timing Right

One of the most important aspects of grass fertilization is the timing. The timing could potentially vary depending on your grass and soil but a good time to start grass fertilization is typically in the spring.

You want to shoot for a time when the temperature of your soil is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be over a few degrees but no lower. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use a thermometer in your soil every day! A good indicator that it’s time is growing grass and blossoming lilacs.

You CAN purchase soil thermometers and monitor the temperature of your soil as well. As a general rule, early to mid-April tends to be about the right time. Again, this could vary by location. Watch for the signs!

Choose the Right Fertilizer

Choosing the right fertilizer is perhaps the trickiest part of grass fertilization. Most fertilizers come with a mixture of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Of course, that’s just a general example.

Each of these can come in any number of variations and amounts. It’s important that you understand what your soil requires. This is often determined by testing the soil and analyzing the location. The needs of each lawn could vary.

This is where it could be important to trust the experts. Our highly-trained arborists work with a variety of soils and know how to choose the right fertilization for your grass.

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