Planning new or updated landscaping in the midwest can be incredibly challenging with our weather. Trees, in particular, can be difficult to plan for since our summers can be very hot, our winters very cold, and our spring and fall seem to be impossibly brief. This weather can change in an instant, sometimes bringing snow during beautiful spring days or warm sunny days in the middle of winter.

All of this adds up to a very unpredictable and difficult environment to grow in. This can be extremely disheartening for those that have made significant financial investments in their landscaping, only to find that it doesn’t survive the local weather. 


The Best Trees To Grow In Ohio

Pawpaw (Asimina Triloba)

The pawpaw is a deciduous tree that is perfect for home landscaping for a variety of reasons. The pawpaw only grows to between 12 and 20 feet so eventually, maintenance needs will plateau. 

They produce maroon flowers for nearly two months in the spring, giving a long streak of color to brighten up after winter. The large exotic or tropical-style leaves will flare to a bright yellow during fall and are up to a foot long. 

Another bonus is that they are a fruiting tree. Not only do they fruit, but they produce a delicious fruit that is one of the largest edible native fruits in the country. People liken its flavor to that of a banana or a mild mango, and it can be used to make a number of tasty treats.

Japanese Stewartia (Stewartia Pseudocamellia)

The Japanese Stewartia is a tree that is originally native to the mountainous regions of Japan and the peninsula of Korea. While it is capable of reaching 60’ tall in nature, domestic examples will often mature to 40’ or less, but they are incredibly slow-growing. They are shaped like a pyramid, and cannot tolerate any drought conditions.

In the winter the Japanese Stewartia gives a flash of color in the winter, with its reddish bark catching the eye in the sometimes dreary and monochrome Ohio February. It blossoms in July, showing off white, cup-shaped flowers, and is a beautiful species to use near focal points.

Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum and others)

The many varieties of Japanese maple that are available and hardy to Ohio weather make them a great option for adding some color to your landscaping that changes with the seasons. The Japanese maples are a smaller tree that needs to be pruned periodically or they will simply widen into a shrub. They often do best in light shade with minimal direct sunlight.

Starting in spring, they will show off pink and white blossoms that will keep blooming well into the summer. During fall the different foliage types will span red through deep purple. There are a large number of Japanese maples, and while most are hardy in Ohio you should always double-check with a local nursery or landscaping agency to make sure you pick one that will thrive.

Crabapple Trees

These spring blossom powerhouses are perfect for fertile soil in full sun. They also benefit from good air circulation. The massive, showy spring flowers are beautiful and bear brightly colored small fruits. They are extremely easy to grow and require minimal maintenance or intervention.

Red Oak (Quercus Rubra)

This North American native tree is common from as far north as southern Canada, all the way down through the country and into southern states like Georgia, Alabama, and even Louisiana. The bright red foliage and massive shade potential make this a great option for many landscaping situations.

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